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grents a nearby college left on this barricade. >> president obama told people of boston everyone stands with them. >> they sought to intimidate us, terrorize us, to shake us from those values that make us who we are as americans. well, itld be pretty clear by now that they have picked the wrong city to do it. >> the president spoke this morning. >> a very special visitor for a day bai area boy injured in the bombing. michelle obama dropped by the hospital to visit 11-year-old aaron hern, the martinez boy suffer aid deep thigh wound while watching his mother finish the marathon. his mother tells abc 7 news her son is improving and his neck brace and other tubes have been removed. he's doing well. there is this badge in support of the people of boston. you can find them on our page 7 news. >> the search for survivors continues after a powerful fertilizer plant explosion in texas. that could with felt 45 miles way. it damaged or destroyed buildings within a 1500 foot radius, you can see damage from blast, buildings and homes obliterated. the mayor says there may be a35-40
and economics. this is not a new development that obama's campaign organization is not going to be turned to advocacy. they had the american peopleadvocacy. on gun control, they had the american people, and the gun control failed. >> michael: donnie fowler, thank you. up next, i guess if something has to be the face of washington not working it might as well something as cool looking as this. the saga of the f-35 fighter jet is right after this. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> wa
. guest: we had an american citizen who was killed on the orders of president obama. did president obama commit a crime by doing that, violate the constitution by doing this? guest: actually, we have a lawsuit in which we are seeking to get answers from the administration about what standards they used around invoked when they killed alaki as well as his 16-year-old son, a boy born in denver, who was never accused of any wrongdoing. one issue this debate encapsulate is how far does the law of war armed conflict paradigm go? our view is that it has to be based on the facts on the ground when you are in an armed conflict, not based on the laws the united states helped write and it is in our national security interests to enforce. we don't have to treat nor should we nor can we lawfully every act of terrorism and every person with a bomb as a warrior. that is the bottom line here, which is it the laws of war have a purpose but so also do the law enforcement and criminal justice and we cannot replace the entire criminal justice paradigm with an overbroad unnecessary unconstitutional paradigm
the bombs went off. today president obama repeated his promise to bring the killers to justice. >> the american people refuse to be terrorized. because what the world saw yesterday and the aftermath of the explosions were stories of heroism and kindness and generosity and love. >> i looked down and there was a person who was bleeding on the street. they were right off of the sidewalk just laying down and luckily this restaurant was helping them. and it was great to actually see people teaming up together to help the people that were in need. >> exhausted runners who kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood and those who stayed to tend to the wounded. the first responders who van into the chaos to save lives. >> all these guys jumping over fences trying to help out. people activated immediately. whether they were volunteers or the boston police. >> the men and women who are still treating the wounded at some of the best hospitals in the world and the medical students who hurried to help saying when we heard, we all came in. >> i thought that i would be one of the first
particular word. >> his second address to the american people on the boston marathon attack was the first in which president obama labeled it terrorism. >> given what we now know about what took place, the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror. >> of course, he knew bombs were used when he first spoke about the attack three hours after it occurred and mr. obama didn't mention terrorism then. aides say the president has been briefed regularly by senior homeland security advisors but on this day he said there is plenty we still don't know. >> who carried out this attack or why, whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization. foreign or domestic. or was the act of a malevolent individual. >> david axelrod says mr. obama may have avoided using the word terror monday, because the fact that it was tax day suggest that a homegrown attack. arizona republican senator john mccain feels the president is generally too reluctant to use the word terrorism. >> i always thought it was just utter foolis
nervous and it's not just in boston, this is happening all over the country. >> the american people refuse to be terrorized. >> reporter: when president obama asked us to stay vigilant in the wake of the attacks, he may not have foreseen this. bomb-sniffing dogs and robots working overtime. americans seeing something and saying something in droves. >> you feel safer by seeing it but brings it to the forefront of what could happen. >> reporter: a rash of suspicious packages called in to 911 tuesday. >> they located an abandoned box in the trash can that's suspicious in nature. it has wires coming out of it. >> reporter: a bomb-sniffing dog took out this hair dryer. in new jersey, an unattended bag shut down the pat train. police in new york city fielded 77 such reports in less than 24 hours, three times the norm. >> it would be easier if we just did pay attention, but if yesterday doesn't refresh your memory, i don't know what would. >> reporter: the epicenter of the jitters quite justifiably boston, where streets this morning are filled with armored vehicles, heavily armed cops and the nat
the suspect and what he knows about the bomb. and a letter sent to president obama has tested positive for the powerful poison ricin. what those two letters mean for american on edge tonight. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums >>> significant progress has been made in the boston bombing. the camera was positioned just across the street from the second location and as you can see, there was quite a lot of space there, they had a completely clear view as our tom foreman has reported, that camera did as for second exploded device. a light colored hooded sweatshirt and a black jacket. we not know if investigators have been able to identify this man. we are now looking at i i want to bring in drew griffin now. we have been waiting for the fbi press conference and i believe you have some more detail on what's going to happen. >> well, yeah, 1:00, 5:00, then a delay of a couple of hours and then anothe
that affects most americans, and the subject that the obama administration has really been focused on for these past four years. and we're going to remain focused in this area for the next four years. and that's achieving real, evidence-based drug policy reform to both reduce drug use but also the consequences. and more and more the debate about drug policy in america has become extremely polarized. one side advocates in believing that legalization is the only path to drug policy reform. legalization is described as solving mexico's organized crime and violence problems, as creating a windfall for state and local coffers here in the united states, and along with many other benefits that are all talked about around legalization. then you have the other hand. now, on the other hand, we have the tough on crime, the enforcement-centric war on drugs that was mentioned in my introduction and that approach. and that's one that treats addiction primarily as a criminal justice problem despite this ever-growing body of scientific knowledge and evidence that this approach is counterproductive
and the children and loved ones that we lost. we carry a great faith in the american people. on behalf of the sandy hook promise, i would like to say thank you to president obama, vice president biden for their leadership and standing strong safer america. i would like to say thank you to the senators for legislation that would keep guns out of hand and save lives. they stood by us right from the beginning. they were with us. we will not be defeated. we are not defeated. we have no other choice. killeday more people are in this country because of gun violence. stronger. we leave washington hoping that others, both here and across the country, will join us in making that more senators will takeit begins, our hearts are broken. our spirits is not. thank you. it is now my great pleasure to introduce the president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> good job. >> a few months ago, in response to too many tragedies, including the shootings of a u.s. congressman, gabrielle giffords, 20 schoolchildren and their teachers, we took up the cause of protecting our people from gun violence. grief s
this morning, along -- he will be joined by first lady michelle obama, also former massachusetts governor and former presidential candidate mitt romney will be in attendance today. the president's message will be focused on resolve, a shared commonality of the american people with the people of boston and a big focus will, of course, be on the victims from monday's tragedy, those who suffered and those who have lost their lives. late yesterday afternoon boston university officially released the name of the third victim killed, a 23-year-old graduate student and chinese national by the name of lingzi lrk u and the parents obtained expedited visas and may be on their way from china to the u.s. that is according to a state department source. lingzi was standing on the finish line. one of her friends was suffered injuries and taken to the hospital. after that a frantic search erupted on social media from fends looking for lingzi and that was followed by a wave of sympathy. her lost has sent shockwaves throughout the bu campus what has a strong chinese community. here's what one student had to
. and after two years of the canadian presidency, the american state and barack obama will takeover of the presidency. that will be a testing time for the united states in terms of the engagement of the bearishness cooperation, the think tanks, and the others. it will be a testing time indicating how the united states seeing the future of the arctic. what i not only to the other countries but also to india, china, many of the european countries and others, that also want to be a part of the arctic of the future. that is why in addition to the great tradition of this institution, we were both honored and pleased to use this venue, the national press club in washington, to announce the establishment of the arctic circle. mentioned ins was the introduction in this world. we do not realize how dependent we are on the ice. but it is melting. and melting fast. that is why the chinese are already preparing. that is why singapore has a special division and its foreign ministry looking for a harbor. weome from a country where do not have to go to international conferences to areize this, tha
. >> i'm not sure i agree with the premise that it's a big defeat for president obama. clearly, it's something he wanted to happen, chris. i think he never had it on his agenda until newtown occurred. once newtown happened, there was a sudden shift in terms of the polls, american public opinion, and people said, we need to do something. we can't have small children slaughtered in an i dyllic community like newtown, connecticut. right now the emphasis is can the senate work with anybody. the silent filibuster -- you had a clear majority of the senators, 55, who supported this legislation, and as congresswoman harman pointed out, this was a compromise legislation. this was no hard line. the question becomes, should they have not ever focused on assault weapons? should they have never focused on high capacity magazines? did that waste time? should the president have acted more quickly in the wake of newtown to get this done? these are all tactical measures. as harry reid, the majority leader in the senate, said this week, if you have 90% of the american people and 80% of republicans s
unnecessary pain on the american people, president obama and his f.a.a. should be cutting waste. within the f.a.a.'s budget, there are $2.7 billion in nonpersonnel costs that should be scrutinized before the president or his transportation secretary cry doom's day or delay. examples include $500 million taxpayer dollars spent by the f.a.a. on consultants, $143 million on operation costs for the f.a.a.'s 46 aircraft and $200 million on supplies and travel. the president's f.a.a. officials have the discretion to reduce such excess and apply savings to the essentials. they should stop punishing the american people with flight delays or threats of shuttered air traffic towers and compromise safety and use the powers they have to cut taxpayer funded waste first. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from wisconsin seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr
official said the scene looked like a war zone. p obama was notified within minutes, he promised action. >> i'm supremely confident boss tonians will pull toot and take care of each other and move forward as a proud city. the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell a pc news, bomb techs are combing over evidence for clues about the devices. officials searched an payment and tracking multiple persons of interest including a person treated at app yeah hospital as well as an individual who was seen tripe to again access to a restricted area, five minutes before the blast. >> the 8 year old who was one of the three killed in the explosion has been named as martin richard, he was there watching his father run. he arrived at the finish line to welcome his dad when the explosion took place. 450 people came from maryland. sherrie johnson is life at bwi with the local runners returning home, some made it home last night. you say, for other runners, we are an hour and a half away from the rival. >> reporter: all is calm. this could
the show. >> only on current tv. >> obama: i have also spoken with the governor and mayor and made sure they have every resource available. and i have made clear to them that all americans stand with the people of boston. >> stephanie: that is correct. as i said to jacki at the top of the hour how do you start a show like today. i guess the best you can. jacki schechner will be with us all morning with all of the updates. >> good morning. >> stephanie: good morning honey. charlie pierce writes about today what you said at the top of the hour. you made a good point as the president did about not speculating or making this a political thing. >> here is what becomes tricky from the media perspective, i was with melissa fitzgerald yesterday and we were watching this together. and you're hearing a lot of restating of the obvious or news reporter trying to fill the time, because when you are standing out in the field like that, that's what happens, right? you don't have a tremendous amount of information and you have someone in your ear going keep going, keep going. an
. as we struggle to make sense of what happened, today president obama reminded us of the best we've seen in boston. >> the american people refuse to be terrorized. because what the world saw yesterday in the aftermath of the explosions were stories of heroism and kindness and generosity and love. exhausted runners who kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood. and those who stayed to tend to the wounded. some tearing off their own clothes to make tourniquets. the first responders who ran into the chaos to save lives. the men and women who are still treating the wounded at some of the best hospitals in the world. and the medical students who hurried to help, saying when we heard, we all came in. the priests who opened their churches and ministered to the hurt and the fearful. and the good people of boston who opened their homes to the victims of this attack and those shaken by it. >> stories of heroism and kindness of ordinary people reacting in extraordinary ways. like the doctor at massachusetts general hospital who rushed to get back to work. >> one of our physicians was actua
is an african-american are. th did not happen by itself and it is not herman. they did not give mr. obama and the first lady the deed to the white house. they give them a four-year lease. [laughter] they will have to leave area and what will happen between now and then and what will happen after they are gone. we need to be guided by guys that help make that possible -- by those that helped make that possible. we need to use this window of time properly. if we relax and act like the struggle is over, we will end up worse than it was before we started. [applause] would like each of you to take two minutes to tell us where you see where we are and where we are generally headed. i just want an overview from then i want to go to our legends. >> thank you very much. to the pastor of the church, great to be in uniform -- in this beautiful place this morning. [applause] reverend al sharpton, another big round of applause [applause] friendship andis my colleagues on the panel, i am the brother in the middle. and to the legends over on my left and you're right. i want to join in saying thank you t
by margaret thatcher and we are lead by barack obama. >> who has a really good record so far. >> well five dead in massachusetts and four americans killed this benghazi. all unanswered at this point. that's a signal to the terrorists that it is open season. >> i think that's a great record. you don't want anybody dead, but i thought he has done a great job so far. i never understood the arangement. argument. the question is stability in the middle east where the arab spring has turned on wrong. it is because of the policies he pursued. the withdraw from iraq and afghanistan and it is unwillingness to take on the war on terror and they are pursuing the weapons of mass tee instruction. >> if you ask most americans they will say i want out of iraq. i want out of afghanistan. i don't see the negative repercussions. >> sin tau lating conversation. coming up, what is the best way to settle disputes with diplomats? grow a mustache like this and you call me you hairless jerk. first was wees -- was reece witherspoon drunker than keith moon? no but i only had so many options. >>> should they stop fo
ii. anwar al-awlaki was american-born. president obama use ad drone to kill him in the wilds of yemen. if you, if you fill eight yourself with enemy forces and you go to war against american citizens and you kill americans will fully and you do so on behalf of a movement or enemy forces then indeed you can be considered an enemy combatant. being a enemy combatant simply because you're an american citizen. if in world war ii you went over and joined nazi forces were you not a enemy combatant? of course you were. . . >> he didn't treat those terrible tragedies as access war, but appropriately treated them as heinous criminal acts to be investigated, prosecuted, and appropriately punishes. >> host: al-alwaki was an american citizen, kimed on orders of president obama. did president obama violate the constitution by doing that? >> guest: well, actually, we have a lawsuit in which we are seeking to get answers from the administration about what legal standards they used and invoked. >> see the rest of this segment at live now to today's white house briefing. here's spokesman ja
of the obama administration's response to the september 11th terror attack in benghazi, libya that left four americans dead. including the u.s. ambassador. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details tonight from the pentagon. good evening, jennifer. >> greenk, bret. fox news has obtained a progress report prepared by members of the house republican conference on events surrounding the september 11th attacks in benghazi. it concludes the administration's reaction was, quote: a concerted attempt to insulate the department of state from blame following the terrorist attacks. the report was prepared by the chairman of the armed services foreign affairs judiciary oversight and government reform and select committee on intelligence. all of them republican. here are their initial findings after months of gathering testimony and reviewing internal interagency communications. quote: prior to the benghazi attacks, state department officials in libya made repeated requests for additional security that were denied in washington despite ample documentation of the threat posed by viole
, president obama said the people of boston have shown us that in the face of those who would visit death upon innocents, americans will choose to save, to comfort and to heal. he had to be thinking of people like tracy monroe. and elaine quijano has her story. >> reporter: tracy monroe had come to the marathon to cheer on her friends and family. when you decided to turn back, what did you think you were going to be able to do? >> you know, i really didn't have a plan. i didn't know -- i had no idea what to expect. >> reporter: she was swept up in the crowd running from the blast, but stopped. what did you see when you went back? >> i went straight over to this child and this man was working on her wounds. her leg had been blown off. and i just sort of -- i just knelt down close to her and i just rubbed the side of her face and tried to -- i tried to hold on to her hand and just rub her face and i said, hi, baby. just look up at me. look in my eyes, you know, come on, come on, just it's going to be okay. what's your name? what's your name? she just looked up at me and said, jane. i'll never fo
were victimized earlier today. as president barack obama mentioned, this is a moment where we're not democrats or independents or republicans, we're americans. we're not blacks or whites, latinos or asians, we're one today and as representatives from 43 different congressional districts across the country, the c.b.c. would like simply to extend our thoughts and prayers to the family members of those who died earlier today. we want to extend our great sympathies and our best wishes to those who were victimized and we are praying for full and complete recovery. we also, of course, want to extend our thanks and our heart felt gratitude to those first responders who once again demonstrated courage under fire and bravery in the face of dangers that were seen and unforeseen. now, america is a great country, and whatever is revealed about the attacks that took place earlier today, we're confident that we have the resolve to continue to move rward as strong as we always have been. in the aftermath of pearl harbor and throughout world war ii, americans demonstrated great resolve. durin
think all americans felt that we don't know yet who it was but we're gonna find out. >> obama: make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. >> bill: and we, the president saying that once we do find out we will make sure that they get what they deserve. >> obama: any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> bill: it was the commissioner, they call him in boston commissioner ed davis who pointed out that, you know, they had made all kinds of preparations as they will for an event like this with that huge criewnd everything. and all of the participants. 23,000 people, i believe i read who ran in the marathon. and knowing the crowds that would come. but that they had -- they would take the normal precautions for an event like that with extra security but they had no idea -- there were no threats ahead of time. no intelligence that this event might be targeted. >> obama: we certainly increase posture around a big event like this. all of those things happened in prep
said. that's from the "wall street journal." and this is also from the "wall street journal." obama now takes the lead after attacks on americans. when a nigerian man nearly set troop-bound ed a plane carrying passengers in 2009, president obama waited three days before break interesting his hawaiian vacation to speak to the country sparking a waive of criticism. after obama's tour through the boston marathon on monday killing three people and wounding scores more, mr. obama spoke to the nation twice within 24 hours of the attack. he told his staff he didn't want to wait before speaking publicly and the white house posted photos on flickr of his oval office meetings with national security advisors on the investigation. on thursday, today, he and first lady michelle obama -- >> we'll leave this here and take you live to the capitol. speaker john boehner will talk to reporters. the house expected to gavel back in shortly. live here on c-span. >> the president's up there today and i add my prayers to his. here in the nation's capital envelopes of -- full of ricin were sent to congress and
and resolve in two american cities. in boston we see president obama right there about to speak at an inner faith service to remember the victims of bombings at the boston marathon. in west texas, a small town near waco nearly leveled by that massive explosion. it had the force of a small earth quake. steven osunsami is in text. steve, this fertilizer plant explosion last night so devastating. police have not come forward with evidence that it was set deliberately but they are treating it as a crime scene. what more do we know right now. >> reporter: authorities just held a news conference where they underlined that. right now they believe it's an accident but they haven't ruled out that a crime was committed here. they say they're now undergoing a more detailed search and rescue effort today. they're looking through closets and under beds hoping to find the missing, hoping to find people alive still in this rummage. rain is hampering efforts here today. they haven't told residents when they'll be allowed back in their homes and they still don't know what caused this. this blast was felt fo
may kill and injure, but they cannot crush the american spirit. today we thank cardinal o'malley for opening the embrace of his cathedral to all of us. to president obama, to governor patrick, to mayor menino, to all who are in public service, to the religious leaders of the commonwealth, to every citizen, regardless of creed, we gather as a community, as brothers and sisters in the household of god, to bow our heads in solemn prayer for the repose of the souls of three innocent victims whose lives were violently taken and for the countless victims who will bear painful wounds for the rest of their lives. we come today to thank god for the police and firefighters, the national guard, for the doctors and nurses, for all who courageously.flessly and we pray that our gracious, loving and compassionate, our merciful god, the healer of our souls and bodies, watch over us and comfort us in our hour of pain. and that he who is the prince of peace bring peace to our souls and to our community. and may almighty god bless america. >> metropolitan methodius, the greek orthodox leader
to pay their respects. >> there has to be something to remind us that we are americans. and all one people. the gathering place was the church of the holagaroses -- cathedral of the holy cross where president obama paid tribute to the victims. >> so beautiful that everyone has come together as a community, as a nation and the world. >> reporter: they waited for hours along with thousands of others for a service designed to start the healing process. >> i am proud and i feel just so much better about, you know, taking the next step to recovery. >> reporter: for those who could not attend, boylston street serves as a stand in. this afternoon it grew in size. >> when they open up the street we will take everything and move it somewhere safe. >> reporter: the protector of the memorial here and with his dog promised to patrol it at night so others can find strength in community. >> reporter: this memorial has grown since less than two hours ago. in the future they hope a more permanent memorial will be established so they will have a place to go. reporting live, patti lee, ktvu channel 2
. >> reporter: in what has become a ritual of large scale american tragedies, families and first responders along with civic leaders and the general public turn to faith and each other to work through pain. >> tomorrow the sun will rise over boston. >> reporter: president obama in an all too familiar role of comforter-in-chief drew lessons from the marathon itself. >> scripture tells us to run with endurance the race that is set before us. >> reporter: the president also paid tribute to those who died. >> we come together to pray and mourn. >> reporter: in remarks laced with resolve in the face of an unknown enemy the president rallied boston and america to be undeterred. >> the world will return to this great american city to run harder than ever and to cheer even louder for that 118th boston marathon. >> reporter: as the crowd applauded and cheered, the president wiped away tears. later, he met with race volunteers to thank them. as boston tends to its emotional wounds, six people injured in the bombings remain in critical condition. the number still hospitalized, fewer than 60. >> in gen
it as he's recovering from a broken leg. it was president obama himself who brought the whole crowd to its feet, a crowd that included some of the victims in an emotional, rousing speech. >> i'm here to greet the american people with a simple message. every one of us has been touched by this attack on your beloved city. every one of us stands with you. because, after all, it's our beloved city, too. boston may be your hometown, but we claim it, too. i know this because there's a piece of boston in me. you welcomed me as a young law student across the river. welcomed michelle, too. you welcomed me -- you welcomed me during a convention when i was still a state senator and very few people could pronounce my name right. like you, michelle and i have walked these streets. like you, we know these boston, you're my home. for millions of us, what happened on monday is personal. our prayers are with the injured. so many wounded. some gravely. from their beds, some are surely watching us gather here today. if you are, know this. as you begin this long journey of recovery, your city is with you, you
of governor kristy of new jersey and president obama embracing a few days before the election. [inaudible] it was the melting of the arctic sea ice that actually brought them together. [laughter] [applause] indicating the implication for the american political system. but the third reason, of course, the enormous resources in the arctic. it has been estimated that about a quarter of the -- [inaudible] energy resources can be found within the arctic. in addition to various min lal -- mineral and other important item for a professional 21st century economy. it's one of the reasons why the prime minister of south korea visited grown land last -- greenland last year with a long list of global corporation wanting to engage in formal agreement with the new government in greenland. so for all of these reasons, that and many others, the arctic has become the political strategic with economic feel good of the 21st century. but we should know something and remember that within the arctic, there are people who have lived there for thousands of years. people who have made the arctic the neighborhood
that all americans stand with the people of boston. >> clear the set. >> that was president obama yesterday, and as you see in washington, d.c. on capitol hill, flags are at half staff this morning. joining us now from washington, nbc chief news white house correspondent and political director and host of the "daily rundown" chuck todd. and pete williams with the latest on the investigation. pete, we'll start with you. bring us up to date. >> okay, mika. one of the confusing things about what's going on here is how many devices were there. now, obviously we know there were two. the two that went off. but we've been hearing for all of -- since this happened that there were others. and i think the reason for that confusion is there were so many other packages that were on the street after the explosion. people simply dropped what they were carrying and ran. and authorities have been going through all those packages, trying to see if there were any other explosive devices. they detonated or i should say destroyed several of these packages. and there's been confusion about whether there were tw
, like mr. leahy and all the people on the democratic side. the thing because of president obama's direct this involvement with black americans and jobs and his abandonment of us, do you think that there could be a backlash in the 2014 election, where the 93% or the portion of the 93% of the people that voted for him in the election would deny him the president of gaining the house? there is this message a foot in the black community, because we know that he has not done anything for black americans. thank you so much for taking my call. i love c-span. host: thank you for your call and comments. guest: >> on one hand you have the argument, people saying if you give a pathway to citizenship, they are going to take jobs away from people who should be able to have those jobs. the counter argument is, these people are often working jobs that others would not want or be able to have. that is a tricky situation. it is very interesting and theking how, despite unemployment rate that is a little under 8%, we have now seen some polling with leaders on capitol hill, all the stars seem to line to ad
or group that claimed responsibility. >> reporter: day four, president obama comes to boston and speaks at an interfaith service telling boston the country stands with it. >> the world will return to this great american city to run harder than ever and to cheer even louder for the 118th boston marathon. bet on it. >> reporter: later that day, a break in the case. the fbi releases photos and surveillance videos of these two men walking with backpacks. at 10:48 p.m., gunshots are heard on the campus of m.i.t. in massachusetts. reports say that officer sean collier was killed. after that a black mercedes was stolen leading police on a chase. throwing grenades and pipe bombs out of the windows. one suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev was killed. day five, witnesses describe the mayhem. >> we saw the explosion. we must have heard about 60 gunshots. >> reporter: 2:40 a.m. a robo call sent to watertown incidents. >> there is an active incident in watertown right now. all watertown residents should remain in their homes. >> reporter: 4:22 a.m. a suspect on the run. >> we believe this to be a terrorist.
that we can take an american citizen and put him , with habeastrial corpus, this is ridiculous. this is a criminal. he should be tried in criminal court. the fact that the republicans are trying to push obama in this direction is ridiculous. he should resist. what are they going to do, and torture him while he has suspended his right to counsel? this is ridiculous. we have to stop this notion of eroding our rights for the sake of the public being safer. our constitution does mean something. alk about suspending the rights of an american citizen is ridiculous. drones killing americans on american soil. this erodes liberties. we cannot go down that road. host: thanks for the call. derickson is up next from columbia, missouri, republican. good morning. derrick is up next. caller: hello. .aybe he should be held host: the you think there's a higher bar that need to be set to designate him as an enemy combatant? caller: the media has not shown needo see. there's no evidence at all. all they showed was one video of him walking on the street. all i have seen. there's nothing. absolutel
: it is political posturing because they want to show these cuts will really affect services for the american people. and, most importantly, president obama wants more taxes. >> correct. when was the last time an american president ever deliberately inflicted pain on the population in order to score a political point? >>brian: there was a delay in new york for two to three hours as well as chicago and atlanta. this is incredible. how long can that continue? >> it's going to go on in the future apparently. >>steve: could go through the summer. >> they are going to cut $637 million out of the f.a.a.'s budget. that will affect some of the 15,000 air traffic controllers. and they're expecting delays on 6,700 flights a day. >>steve: the extraordinary thing is of the f.a.a.'s budget, 70% is the payroll for the guys in the tower and what not. 70%. why don't they make the cuts to the 30% that doesn't involve -- >> why is it you've got more air traffic controllers today than you did a year ago, you're spending more on the f.a.a. today than a year ago and you can't cut out of there when incurring delays on th
to get back and important to speak to the american people and i'm glad that president obama delivered the mentssage that he has and do everything so this wouldn't happen again. it's important to understand what happened and build a case for prosecution, but it's more important to do everything possible to make sure there will not be another attack and i remember president bush being in the oval office on september 14th, 2001 and learned going over what they learned about new york and the pentagon and the president said i'm interested, but what are you doing to prevent the next attack. and that changed the mission of the fbi and changed that day. the primary mission was to prevent the next attack as well as build a case for prosecution. >> megyn: what will happen in the oval office over the next few weeks? >> well, i'm sure president obama will be very closely engaged with all of the work that's being done to understand what did happen. i hope that he's going to be very motivating to those people in the intelligence community not just the federal government level, but state and local g
is the reason that president obama and first lady michelle came to boston today. president obama came to boston's cathedral of the holy cross, perhaps first and foremost to comfort. he also came to rally americans, and boston's shaken spirit. >> if they sought to intimidate us, to terrorize us, to shake us from the values that deval described, the values that make us who we are as americans, well it should be clear that they picked the wrong city to do that. >> reporter: many were outside, such as derek winn, from santa cruz, now a resident of boston. >> i just came here to show solidarity to boston, and those that were lost, and show them that they can attack, we're going to come back stronger than ever. >> my husband is a police officer, he volunteered today, got up at 4:30 in the morning and wanted to come in and show his support. and we were off and said we really need to be there, as well. >> reporter: many people said they had to be here for a show of strength. afterwards, those inside who said they heard the president, told me they had been comforted. >> it was far-reaching, very powerfu
. a policy decision the obama administration has made. he was a american citizen and naturalized last september and now a federal law, the national defense authorization act of 2012 that says american citizens cannot be tried in military commission. so it's not -- this debate is not a question about where he should be tried. the republicans who say he should be treated differently, their claim is that while they understand the civilian trial will go forward, they think he should be treated for now as an enemy combatant and questioned without any question about his rights, without any issue about whether information he gives would be used in his trial, and then turn back over to civilian authorities. but, clearly, the justice department will have none of that. that's not how it's going to go. >> he's in a boston hospital under heavy guard and serious condition including a gunshot wound to the throat but he is responding to some questions to a team the federal investigators in writing. any indication as to what he is saying or maybe perhaps just what they are trying to get out of him at
rare public hearing on the obama administration's controversial drone program. now lawmakers say they want to know more about who our government is killing, where, and why. some americans who have been killed in these types of programs include the man on your screen there, american-born cleric, anwar al-awlaki. we have a retired united states air force colonel and first woman pilot to fly in combat. she will testify at today's hearing. we get to talk to her first, colonel. we stated first. we use the word drones. that is not something the military uses. >> no. jenna: we talked a little bit about this. this is a discrepancy and gives awe picture what these unmanned aerial vehicles are doing in our skies. in your experience, share with viewers how have you used this technology? >> sure. the iran the targeting program in u.s. africa command from 2007 to 2010. you're right we don't call them drones. we call them remotely piloted aircraft. the key there it takes 200 people to keep one of these airborne for a 24-hour orbit. it has incredible level oversight scrutiny, intelligence, lawy
people to pull in. nonetheless -- >> that is not the case. >> every time the obama administration does an audit, in which they have to fire all their illegal aliens, there are americans lined around the block. there have been no problems -- >> i want to raise one point. doug holtz okayin who runs the american action forum, a smart guy, ran the congressional budget office. he told me, we should have about 500,000 legal new immigrants per year. and if we do that, the economic growth rate will rise by 1 percentage point each year for about ten years. >> and let me add something. >> what i'm saying is -- we not only need to legalize the workers here in this marco rubio reform bill. but down the road, we've got to add a half million people a year. that will make the labor force break even or somewhat higher, because that will take care of the decline. >> larry, you left out something. >> that lowers the budget deficit by 2.7 did his trillion. >> there is something else. he also finds the actual per capita income rises. so not just the entire economy grows, but the economy grows per capita b
in the american people. on behalf of the sandy hook promise, i would like to thank president obama, vice president biden for their leadership and for standing strong and continuing to fight for a safer america. i would like to thank senators toomey, manchin, schumer and kirk for coming together to seek common ground on legislation that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and save lives. and i would like to thank connecticut's senators, bloomenthal and murphy. they've been with us. they stood with us from the very beginning. from the first few hours of this tragedy they were with us. we will not be defeated. we are not defeated, and we will not be defeated. we are here now, we will always be here, because we have no other choice. we are not going away. and every day, as more people are killed in this country because of gun violence, our determination grows stronger. we leave washington hoping that others, both here and across the country, will join us in making the sandy hook promise. a pledge that we had great hope that more u.s. senators would take literally. i'd like to end by repeatin
information, we will make sure to keep you and the american people posted. thank you very much, everybody. >> a brief, succinct statement from president obama from the white house briefing room, and i think the headline here is really crystal clear. the president says the fbi is investigating these bombings in boston as an act of terror. he used those word words. he says anytime a bomb is used like this it is an act of terror. the president says, what we don't know, however, is if this was carried out by an organization, a terror organization either foreign or domestic, or perhaps by what he called a malevolent individual. the president promised that the united states will find out. jessica yellin at the white house right now. new words from the president, new words that matter. >> reporter: i thought, john, you're right, the use of the word "m "malevolent" person is interesting choice of words, perhaps leaving the room for the possibility this was the act of a crazy person or we'll have to find out why he chose that particular phrase. it seems to me that's the immediate reason that comes
at guantanamo bay in cuba. the obama administration has insisted that criminal trials can be just as effective, and tsarnaev is an american citizen, which could complicate putting him in a military court. the actual filing of criminal charges. that could come quite quickly. even within the next day or so. and the -- he would then appear before a federal magistrate. if he is not well enough to leave the hospital, that hearing could actually be done in his hospital room. alex? >> okay, pete, so what point does he get an attorney? >> well, he gets a lawyer during this questioning process for the next 48 hours. under this rule. he has no right to the miranda right. once he exercises his miranda warning, though -- once he exercises his miranda rights he has the choice to stop answering questions. but what the justice department says is, most people in these cases, surprisingly enough, continue to talk anyway. but if he says i'm not going to talk, then they have to stop the questioning. >> hmm. it's interesting, i know that you heard the coverage with his uncle speaking to him, saying give up, ask f
. >> i definitely agree 100% with what president obama said. you know, it's -- but it really wasn't something about the marathon. it was more of a spirit of the american people and the way we are. and he made that very clear. i think boston, the oldest marathon in the world, we want to keep it going. nothing will ever stop it, i don't think. and we're going to have a great day in boston next year. >> where were you when you heard about it? >> i was actually at home with my girlfriend, karen. we had gone for a run. but my daughter d
of the proceedings. what's your assessment, jeff, of the initial hearing and the fact that the obama administration decided to try him in civilian court rather than as an enemy combatant in a military tribune jal? >> i think the military tribunal was a complete nonstarter. there has never been an american citizen arrested on american soil charged in a military tribunal. it's just simply never going to happen. it certainly didn't happen in the bush administration, didn't happen in the obama administration, so that was never -- that's just not -- it's irrelevant at this point. now the case is under way. the fact that he was well enough to be arraigned on the complaint means now that the government will move to present this case in the grand jury, probably within a month there will be an indictment, and then the case will move to a federal district court. at that point, i expect things will slow down quite a bit. i would be surprised, given the magnitude and complexity of this case, that there could be a trial inside of a year, but at least now the process is under way. >> juliette, from a law enforce
lost and we carry a great faith in the american people. on behalf of the sandy hook promise, i would like to thank president obama, vice president biden for leadership and standing strong and continuing to fight for a safer america. i thank senators toomey, manchin, and cook for coming together to seek common ground on legislation that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and save lives. i thank connecticut's senators blumenthal and murphy. they've been right with us and stood by us right from the very beginning from the first few hours after tragedy. they were with us. we will not be defeated. we are not defeated and we will not be defeated. we are here now and will always be here because we have no other choice. we are not going away. every day as more people are killed in this country because of gun violence our determination grows stronger. we leave washington hoping others will join us across the country making the sandy hook promise, a pledge we had great hope more u.s. senators would take literally. i would like to end by repeating the words with which the sandy hook
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